#6 Right Hand S Hi-Rail Switch

#6 Right Hand S Hi-Rail Switch

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Default Turnout Length 13.5" (343 mm) This is the length of the turnout on the QuickSticks. Measured from end tie to end tie.
Minimum Turnout Length 10.75" (273 mm) This is the shortest possible turnout length. Measured from the end PC board tie to end PC board tie.
Diverging Route Angle 9.46 (Decimal)
1:6 (Ratio)
Decimal = Frog angle in decimal degrees
D/M/S = Deg/Min/Sec
Ratio = Frog angle expressed as a ratio
Diverging Route Radius 57.5" (1461 mm) The minimum radius in a straight turnout.
Tie Spacing (Prototype) 20" (508 mm) Tie spacing center of tie to center of tie.
Tie Size (Model) L - " ( mm)
W - " ( mm)
H - 0.0625" (2 mm)
The actual size of the tie.
Tie Size (Prototype) L - 8.5' (2.6 m)
W - 9"(229 mm)
H - 7" (178 mm)
The original tie size that the model was based on.
Track Gauge 0.88" (22 mm) The distance between the stock rails.
Substitution Radius 61" (1549 mm) The approximate radius that the diverging route of a turnout can be fit into. This calculation was made using the shortest possible turnout length measured from the edges of the PC board ties, not the wood ties.
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