Minimum Advertised Price Policy

The minimum advertised price on all products is 15% below listed retail. You may only advertise the MAP price and can only sell the product for a lower price upon customer request.

Online Stores

Online stores may also offer a secondary link that requires the customer to interact with the product page to receive a lower price. (i.e. "Add to Cart for our price") this is the electronic equivalent of asking for your price.

In Person Sales

If you are selling our product at in person at your store, train show or meet, you must still abide by this policy. Any signage displayed must show a price no less than the MAP pricing as described above. You may choose not to display a price and disclose this verbally at the time of sale, or add a sign stating "ask for special pricing".

Violation Policy

We will apply a two-strike policy. On the first violation, you will be reminded to check our MAP pricing policy here and adjust your advertised prices within 2 business days. In the event the violation occurs in print advertising, you must issue a correction on your web site within 2 business days along with adjusting your prices.

A second violation or failure to comply with the changes requested will result in the loss of your dealership account.